Home For Girls

City of Hope is also a home for girls referred to us through Social Welfare, the police, or from other institutions and organizations. Many have been orphaned and have no place else to go. The first girl was brought by Red Cross International, and while the numbers have grown over the years, reaching as high as 86 girls at one point, we currently have 36 living here, ranging in age between 7-22 years.

Before turning to long-term care with us, we first try to place the girls with family members. We also make similar attempts for older children who have dropped out of other schools and are brought into the Open Community School or Skills Training Centre.

Our policy is not to be an institution or an orphanage, but rather a home where the girls feel secure and loved, and where they can grow in self-esteem to successfully move on to be productive and honest individuals. We do not have an age limit, as the City of Hope is their home. Once they are ready to ‘make it on their own,’ they move from here.

At the present day, over 150 girls who passed through City of Hope have already made lives for themselves outside the City of Hope.


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