Request for New Tractor

As mentioned in an earlier post, the City of Hope’s tractor was ruined in a vehicle accident last November. Thankfully, Mr. Samuel Steli and Ba John are recovering nicely, but the tractor wasn’t as fortunate.   Since the incident, the project has been trying to manage without the machine, but it’s been nearly impossible to keep up with the farm and yard work that the grounds require. Simple chores like cutting the grass and transporting animals is now laborious and time-consuming without it.

The City of Hope is appealing for any support that could help it acquire a new tractor as soon as possible. If any readers know of someone who could assist us or would be willing to make a donation, please let us know at The CoH is able to help thousands of people every day because of the continual support of its benefactors. We are forever grateful for any help!

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Valerio was onsite volunteer in 2010. Created the website when in COH. Hosting admin and site technical admin since then. Content is directly managed by the Sisters at City Of Hope.
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