Brick by Brick

With two experts on site, the new school building is progressing rapidly. The suppliers can hardly keep up with the delivering of materials!

Please join us in praying for our donors—if we receive the funds, we could have the whole building completed for the end of the year.

Reminders of why this school building is so important to us:

  • It will allow for 400 more children to attend school (up to 1,200 children)
  • It will be another CoH project recognized by the state, resulting in regular grant-aided funding, better qualified teachers,  and an overall higher standard of education
  • It will help CoH become more self-sufficient with less reliance on outside donors

Thank you again to everyone supporting this major project!

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Valerio was onsite volunteer in 2010. Created the website when in COH. Hosting admin and site technical admin since then. Content is directly managed by the Sisters at City Of Hope.
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