Mother Yvonne’s Third Day

At  9:30 in the mornings, we gathered at the Parish Church, in Makeni neighbourhood for the Eucharistic Celebration of the Final Profession of Sr Esther Chilonga; the main celebrant being His Eminency Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe, dallo Zambia.

La Eucharistic celebration had all the taste of Africa because of the joyful songs and rhythms and rich symbols. In his homily, Cardinal Mazombwe thanked the FMA for the work they do not only in Lusaka, but in whole Zambia with the schools in different levels, skills training centres, Oratories and Parish Catechism;  and echoed the words of Blessed Virgin Mary to Main during the vision in Borgoalto because he repeated: “Continue taking care of our children, especially the most vulnerable. We entrust them to you”

After Mass, we had lunch together and some entertainments prepared by the young people representing our missions.

These entertainments went well the whole afternoon and meanwhile Mother gave us the gift of the personal encounter.

19:00 hrs saw us gathering for a moment of prayer and supper at City of Hope. After supper Mother gave us the good night and in it, she emphasised the great grace we had today participating in the celebration because renews our own enthusiasm in our vocation and stressed the responsibility we have of witnessing to the people a life lived in sincere love, in collaboration and in joy. People want to see us caring for each other, committed to our vocation. At the end, Mother asked us to question ourselves: on what is the moment of today which helped me to renew my vocational commitment. What is the Lord speaking to me in a moment like this.

Mother invited Sr. Esther  to put the crown she received as sign of her perpetual consecration at the feet of our lady in the chapel

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