Skills Center

The Auxilium Skills Training Centre provides technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training to young women and men in Lusaka, as well as basic education and women development interventions.

The Skills Centre is rated Grade Two by Technical Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). Being one of the leading providers of TEVETA for these vulnerable youth and women, Auxilium Skills Training Centre collaborates with government agencies, community-based organisations, development agencies, and the local community to address the common problems of poverty, lack of adequate education, and unemployment.

Philosophy: A commitment to apply innovative concepts to help our students and clients meet their needs and lessen their poverty in an accountable and efficient manner.

Vision: A journey with youth and adults towards self-empowerment, responsibility, and honesty in order to become agents of change in their community.

Mission Statement: To meet the academic, economical, social, spiritual, and psychological needs of youths and adults while achieving sustainable development.

The average enrolment is 100 per year with a 15:85 male to female ratio. Approximately 12 students attend 100% on charity assistance, 17 students attend 80% on charity, and 20 at 10% charity.


Hotel and Catering Services – This course has become most popular since Zambia has announced hospitality services as its leading income-generator. Students are prepared to work in the tourism sector and hospitality industries using modern catering equipment and computers.

Information Technology – Students are trained to effectively and efficiently work with new technology in order to functon in a modern-day work environment driven by computers.

Pattern and Designing – Students are taught to independently design and create a variety of garments.

Housekeeping – These courses vary from one week to three months, and have been made available primarily to single mothers, widows, or at-risk women to provide skills and jobs for those who cannot afford long-term training.

Additionally, the centre initiated the Changamuka Project, Changamuka meaning “Wake Up!” The main purpose of this group is to self-fund business ideas through a small membership fee, with the goal to generate more capital to continue starting new local business.  The group currently has fifteen members.


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