Talent Show at “City of Hope”

On Sunday at 15:00 hours a talent show took place for the girls living at City of Hope, with the Salesian Sisters where there was dancing singing and drama.
The participants were in groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people and the length of each of the items was not to exceed the duration of 10 minutes.  Great talent was displayed by each and every one of the girls who made great efforts and made the work for the jury difficult, to decide the winners.  The jury took into account the costumes, makeup, expressions, intonation and the coordination of the group.
The fourth and third places were awarded for drama performances, “Super Heroes” and “Evablessing Girls.”   The runners-up were “Grove Girls” who danced and the champions were “Beautiful Ones” with a performance of a cappella singing that made the audience stand on their chairs.
We congratulation the high standard and the work done by each and every one, regardless of the position they obtained.

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