Youth Rally, Mansa 26-30 August

“Sir, we want to see Jesus” – with those words on their mouths young people from different parts of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia met in Mansa to spend 5 days where there was a wonderful atmosphere.   Every moment, the spirit of Don Bosco and a salesian joy could be experienced. The rally also coincided with the centenary of Don Rua’s death.

The rally was organized by the FMA (Salesian Sisters) with tremendous support of the SDB (Salesians of St. Don Bosco).  About 400 youth participated – Twenty participants were represented from City of Hope. Each day was different and full of new experiences. There was time for prayer, personal reflection, conferences and of course sharing of talents and culture. It would have been impossible to have a Salesian meeting without at least some sports activities – therefore, “Don Rua’s Cup” from the afternoon sports was presented each day.  An unforgettable experience for everybody was the trip to Samfya beach.   We spend a memorable day with beautiful scenery – and the celebration of Mass on the beach – the altar we used in a boat. The following day, Sunday was a very special day – particularly for several of our friends, who were Baptized and received their First Communion.   We were all very happy that we participated in that event.

We thank God for this beautiful experience, for the opportunity of meeting new people, new things that has awakened in our souls, the desire to see Jesus and become his disciples.  Now we want to share with our friends this joy and happiness because we really saw Jesus during this rally.   We met Him in the church, during the prayers, in the sacraments, but what is most important we realized that we can meet him wherever we are and in whatever we do – because He is in each one of us!

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